giovedì 4 aprile 2013

Droga e Spotify

Ecco il nuovo lavoro del maestro Droga per Spotify.

Che dire se non: "BOH".
Sinceramente, vi ha detto qualcosa? Al sottoscritto davvero poco.

"It's been said that the best songs don't give answers but instead ask questions. So, why? Why does music stop us in our tracks? Dictate if we pump a fist or swing it? Why can a song change the world? Because music is a force. For good. For change. For whatever. It's a magnifying glass. A bullhorn. A stick in the gears and the tools to fix it. Because music is a need. An urge to be vindicated. It's bigger than us. It lives inside us. Because we were all conceived to a 4:4 beat. Because music can't be stopped. Can't be contained. It's never finished. Because music makes us scream 'Coo coo ca choo' and mean it. Because music is worth fighting for. Why? Because it's music."

Testo ispirato, certamente, ma nulla di nuovo, nulla di davvero poetico, nulla.
Mi sbagliero, eh. E' Droga! Come può aver fatto uno spot banale...
Come ha detto qualcuno... "Ecco lo spot di Spotify per David Droga"

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